The Watercolours of Ken Tidd

North Norfolk, UK

Ken Tidd

Brancaster Staithe, Norfolk.


"My biggest slice of luck as an artist was to be born and raised in this little corner of Norfolk although as a child the wide skies, salt marshes and long golden beaches were just a backdrop to care-free days spent with my pals roaming wherever the fancy took us, exploring jungle like reed-beds, catching flatfish in the creeks, swimming in the cold North Sea, gathering winkles and cockles, there was mud, sand and water and we had the great outdoors all to ourselves.

Later in life my love of art, drawing and painting opened my eyes to all that I'd taken for granted and I began to realise what treasures were all around waiting for brush, pigment and paper.  That was thirty or more years ago, my paintings have changed since my first dismal attempts but it's still a challenge, more often than not it's a struggle but never a chore.

I hope you enjoy my paintings, feel free to get in touch if you wish and many thanks for your visit."

A studio visit is always welcome, just come and see what paintings are there, always lots of new work to see, no pressure, best to ring, text or email beforehand and we could arrange a time.

Ken lives in Brancaster Staithe, a stones throw from it's quiet little harbour, he is married to Heather, they have three sons.